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NowBuilder.com - Terms of use

1. What we propose

NowBuilder.com is a service connecting an individual who files his request for projects and renovations with professionals affiliated by our service to respond to the individual’s request. How? :

1. The Individual must complete the online quote request form related to the project they wish to complete.

2. The NowBuilder.com service, in order to optimize the demand, to label the project and to verify the veracity of the transmitted information, gives itself the possibility to contact the individual in order to validate with him his request.

3. NowBuilder.com then communicates, with the affiliated professional (s) and in the trade corresponding to the request of the individual and his project. The NowBuilder.com service is only a linking platform. In any case NowBuilder.com does not intervene nor is responsible (once the contact has been made) for the communication between the parties; individuals and / or professionals.

We strongly recommend telephone and / or physical contact with Professionals in order to follow up on your requests.

2. What are my commitments as a user?

The individual agrees to use our linking service NowBuilder.com for the sole purpose of real, serious and personal benefits.

The individual undertakes to provide in his application all the exact information (contact details, project description etc.).
He also undertakes to inform the service via the website NowBuilder.com when he no longer needs to be put in contact with any other professionals.

In the case of misuse of our services and our site NowBuilder.com, the individual is liable to prosecution. We may consider as misuse all requests for quotes containing false or fanciful information, that are contrary to morality or concerning products / services prohibited or punishable by law, undermining public order or usurping identity a natural or virtual person.

All requests for quotes that do not meet the criteria established by our service will be deleted (incomplete, too approximate, false information, etc.).

3. How are requests for quotations verified and transmitted?

The connection between an individual applicant and a professional of our network can be done by all means available and based on information provided by all parties. By this article, the individual is informed of the fact that he renounces all legal proceedings in the case where the connection is made by means of a telephone call, an SMS, an email or a letter, because he has been previously clearly informed here.

4. What if I do not want to be contacted anymore?

The individual can stop as soon as he wishes the reception of commercial offers or contacts by following the procedure of unsubscription.

5. Is the service paid?

All registration on our platform as an individual, for any quote request and / or to be put in relation with a professional, is free. No financial compensation or percentage on the finished renovations is given to NowBuilder.com.

6. What are the commitments of NowBuilder.com?

  • We, NowBuilder.com confirm that our service is completely free for all individuals submitting their project application (s) and we agree not to collect any commission on all quotes and / or work done by affiliated professionals.
  • We NowBuilder.com undertake to provide any private individual applying for a quote with at least one affiliated professional corresponding to his request.
  • We NowBuilder.com commit that in case that there’s no affiliated professional corresponding to the request of an individual, we are going to notify him by email within 10 working days. Under any circumstances we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience due to a non-achieved renovation the sides have agreed upon.
  • We, NowBuilder.com guarantee that in case that the information in the request for quotation is erroneous, incomplete and / or inconsistent, we will contact the individual who has made the request before definitively removing it.
  • The intervention of NowBuilder.com is automatically terminated once the details of the individual who made the request for quote have been sent to the corresponding affiliated professional. We do not intervene and will not intervene at any time in the commercial relationship between the affiliated professional and the individual who has chosen him to carry out his work. The contract established between the two parties does not concern NowBuilder.com and only connects the individual using our services with the professional he has chosen. We, NowBuilder.com cannot under any circumstances be held responsible if before, during and after the execution of the renovations occurred damages or inconveniences of any nature whatsoever.
  • By the previous point, it is understood that NowBuilder.com declines all responsibility for possible direct or indirect consequences after the connection of the two parts.The individual is held solely responsible for the presentation on the part of the affiliated professional of any documents, references or other certificates proving his professionalism. The individual using our services must take all necessary precautions before signing the document binding the two parties till the completion of the work.

7. What about my personal data?

All information provided by an individual requesting a quote is for the sole and proper operation of our NowBuilder.com service. The individual accepts, by filing his renovation request, that his details can be transmitted to one or more affiliated professional (s) in order to respond to his request by putting him in touch with him or them latter.

By providing full details and after validation, the individual also agrees to be able to receive documentation, commercial offers and / or other, from NowBuilder.com and / or his partners.